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Gray House Dog Training has been a Top Pro in the Central PA area for dog training for the past three years. See what my Thumbtack clients have to say about my work with their lovely dogs.

What Gray House Can Do For You

Basic Obedience

From puppy training to leash walking and everything in between, the basics cover it all.

Behavioral Issues

Whether your dog is barking at strangers or destroying your house, I can help.


Aggression is a serious problem that takes serious solutions. Bite history or not, I'll help you.

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Learn more about our training packages to help you decide which consultation is right for you and your dog.

What My Clients Say

Michael P.
I have only had 1 visit thus far but we see a positive change just practicing initial tips with our Newfoundland.
Mary A.
Virginia demonstrated skills we will practice every day. Our puppy seems much more relaxed and respectful. Virginia will return for 4 more visits to help us keep our pup from chasing cars. It's the first time I have hope that this is possible. Maggi, our pup will get to stay.
Carrie S.
Virginia is great! She really knows what she is doing. I had no idea how to train a puppy but I got lots of help and tools from Virginia.
Amy B.
Techniques she provides are very effective; always explains the whys and how’s; looking forward to many more sessions; my puppy is already learning so many things! Would highly recommend her services!!
Jodie W.
Wonderful! Patient, kind, and great educator. Gray House Dog Training has great resources and practical expectations! Sessions individualized to problems and concerns!
Margie P.
Virginia was always available to consult on my dog and her issues. She provided valuable training to my dog as well as me. I would not hesitate to recommend her services. She had an excellent manner of controlling my dog. Thank you Virginia
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