I Need Help With My Rescue Dog

Your Rescue Dog and Your Family

You aren’t completely sure what your dog’s life was like before you, but you work tirelessly to ensure their life with you now is the best it can be. 

It’s not just about providing food and shelter for you. You want your dog to know love, to know safety and peace. You pour yourself into providing the best, but sometimes things are hard. Maybe your dog came to you with issues – pulling on the leash, fearful of dogs are certain people, destructive, some separation anxiety. Maybe when you first started out, your dog seemed fine, but time has created behaviors you couldn’t predict.

You worry that your love has not helped your dog overcome its past, and wonder if the trauma of that past will never leave. Thankfully, there is hope.

Training Your Rescue Dog With Gray House

The training programs at Gray House Dog Training are designed to help both you and your rescue dog move on from your dog’s questionable past together. You will learn how to: 

  • Know where your dog’s behaviors are coming from;
  • Understand what your dog is trying to tell you in the moment;
  • Clearly communicate in a way your newly adopted dog will understand; 
  • Teach you and your dog how to trust and respect each other;
  • Help your dog develop new, healthier behaviors and leave their past behind them; and
  • Build a powerful bond with your dog that can overcome any trauma.

Don’t let your dog’s past hold either of you back anymore. Training with Gray House Dog Training will help you both live in the present and build a future full of love and understanding.

Starting Training For Your Rescue Dog

For quick tips on general training questions like leash walking and socialization, plus first-hand accounts and case studies of my clients’ successes through my programs, check out my top blog posts regarding rescue dogs to the left.

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How Can We Help You?

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