The Consultation

At Gray House, my goal is to make your dog a loving member of the family. That means developing a training plan specifically for your needs according to your dog’s personality. To do this right the first time, the first step in any Gray House client’s journey is the consultation.

The consultation allows me to discuss your training goals with you and evaluate your dog’s personality and behavior directly. After determining your dog’s motivations and any underlying causes of his or her behavior, I provide you with recommendations on a training plan for you and your dog

The Dog Training Plan

Your dog training plan will be tailored to you and your dog’s needs. You will be instructed during weekly in-home sessions on the use of specific dog training methods, techniques, and tools that will ‘speak’ to your dog.

During the first half of each session, I will demonstrate these uses for you with your dog, also using this time to gauge your dog’s pace of learning. Then, I will hand over your dog to you so you can practice implementing what you have observed and learned. I will provide you with feedback on your use and ensure that you will be able to successfully work with your dog throughout the week.

You will finally receive homework to create progress in your dog’s training, which will be reviewed before the beginning of the next session.


Each package includes a number of free follow-up sessions within the first year of training. Should you experience any new behaviors that your knowledge gained from your original sessions is not addressing, or if you are just looking for a refresher, I will be available to return for a full session and assist you.

How Can We Help You?

Have a question about how Gray House can help you and your dog? Leave a message below and I’ll get back to you soon!