How I Train

Your dog is unique, and how he or she understands you and the techniques you use to communicate will determine how effective your training together will be.

Why Gray House?

Dog training always has one of four fundamental goals: create a behavior, increase a behavior, decrease a behavior, or eliminate a behavior. To accomplish these goals, you must have the right training methods, techniques, and tools at your disposal, and an understanding of how and why they work well for any dog, including your dog. This allows you to communicate with your dog in a way that provides your dog with clarity.

At Gray House Dog Training, I have a clear understanding of a wide range of dog training methods, dog training techniques, and dog training tools. My unique service is designed to pinpoint which of these will be easiest for your dog to understand and teach you how to implement them effectively and humanely.

black puppy running after shadow in field with woman laughing in background

The Dog Training Process

It all starts with the consultation. I will meet you in the comfort of your own home to discuss your training goals, while allowing your dog to become familiar with me.

Then, I will spend time evaluating your dog’s personality, testing the most common methods and techniques to see how quickly and effectively your dog responds.

Finally, I will provide you with an experienced recommendation for what methods, techniques, and tools will be best suited for your needs, and how long it will take for those skills to accomplish your goals.

Gray House Goals

At Gray House, my goal is to help dog owners in south central Pennsylvania make their dogs members of the family instead of a burden on the family.

Whether you’ve adopted a new puppy and don’t know the first thing about house training, or your middle-aged dog has never walked well on a leash, I can help. If you’ve adopted a new dog that came with more baggage than you initially realized, Ican help. Maybe you’re simply tired of not inviting people over to your home because your dog could hurt them. I can help.

Make your home a Gray House. Request a consultation today.

How Can We Help You?

Have a question about how Gray House can help you and your dog? Leave a message below and I’ll get back to you soon!